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Serragghia 'Heritage' Bianco Secco 2017

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750ml bottle.

100% Zibbibo (Muscat) from Pantelleria in Sicily, Italy.

Everything about Gabrio Bini's wine is beyond explanation—the best way to understand them is to drink them. While working with the traditional grapes of Pantelleria, an island between Sicily and Tunisia, everything Bini does is unconventional to the region. Only rudimentary winemaking techniques are used at Serragghia: fermenting all grapes with skins and ambient yeast in buried clay amphorae and no addition of sulfite at any time. The result is some wild and enigmatic wines that can really wow at times.

Zibbibo is the local name for Muscat. 'Heritage' sourced fruits from the centennial Zibbibo vines. The grapes were macerated on the skins for 20 days and aged in clay jars for 3 months before bottling.

Drinking this wine out of a paper cup while munching on a slice of our sea urchin pizza is definitely one of our pairing highlights in 2020.

*** Due to SLA regulations, any alcohol purchase must be accompanied by a "substantial food item."***