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Mazière 'S16' Syrah 2016

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750ml bottle.

100% Syrah from Corbières in Languedoc, France.

The story of Mazière could have ended if Fabrice & Momoko Monnin did not take over the operation from the Labouygues family after 15 years of managing a well-known wine bar near the France-Swiss border. The magic of Mazière is formulated with old vines, special terroir, and low-tech viticultural and vinification practices. Following the footsteps of what the Labouygues family had established, the Monnins continued the minimal-intervention method and elevated the wine with a boost of fresh acidity in a hot Mediterranean wine region. 

'S16' is a blend from barrels that did not always get topped off, which the Monnins monitored closely. The added oxidative flavors (think caramelized nuts) brought out enhanced minerality that Fabrice contributed to the uniqueness of the land. No sulfite was added.

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